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What are end-to-end legal information management and eDiscovery solutions?

End-to-end legal information management and eDiscovery solutions help in-house legal departments and law firms manage operations and workflows throughout the information lifecycle, including legal content management, enterprise search, matter management, eDiscovery and more.

The best end-to-end legal information management and eDiscovery solutions integrate AI and machine learning, analytics and automation to surface relevant information quickly, improve accuracy and reduce risk.

OpenText Discovery and Legal Information Management Suite overview

OpenText™ legal information management and end-to-end eDiscovery solutions efficiently manage legal content at all stages and in all contexts. The comprehensive suite features integrated content management to securely store and collaborate on documents, AI-enhanced enterprise search, and eDiscovery tools to help legal teams identify, preserve, collect, search and investigate data.

The solutions increase speed to relevant information, provide rapid insight leveraging AI, machine learning and analytics, and automate workflows—lowering costs, improving productivity and accelerating information time to value at every stage. The software is available in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment.

What’s new in Discovery

  • Uncover visual threats with computer vision technology

    Simplified and expedited chat review in OpenText™ Axcelerate™

  • Find hate speech

    Analytics-driven insights with Axcelerate Investigation

  • Get alerts on data and analysis changes with the notification center for Data Discovery

    Big picture view with Axcelerate Visualizer

  • Leverage a machine learning model publishing wizard

    Seamless OpenText™ eDOCS access with Microsoft® cloud apps

  • Certified Kubernetes container for Amazon Web Services

    Insight beyond enterprise search

Learn more about the new Discovery features in the launch blog.

OpenText Discovery Suite features

  • AI and machine learning

    Prioritizes relevant content identification and review for virtually any size or type of matter with continuous machine learning and flexible, accurate and defensible technology-assisted review (TAR).

  • Advanced analytics

    Offers concept search, phrase analysis, predictive filtering, visualizations and other innovative analytics to help legal teams find information with greater speed and precision.

  • Automation

    Automates legal hold and preservation, data loading, processing, review workflow, redactions, production and more to improve efficiency and speed access to relevant information.

  • Integration

    Integrates products and connects with enterprise systems and cloud applications to support coverage of the legal discovery process, from collection to processing to early case assessment (ECA) through to review, analysis and production.

  • Multi-language

    Processes, searches, finds and reviews documents in more than 270 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

  • Business intelligence

    Tracks metrics in individual cases or across an entire litigation portfolio, from collection through productions. Offers insight into case status, budget, spend and more to generate efficiencies and cost-savings.

Customer success stories

OpenText legal information management and eDiscovery solutions benefits

  • Lower the total cost of eDiscovery

    Reduce the total cost of review by up to 80 percent with TAR based on continuous learning, advanced analytics and automation.

  • Maintain the strategic advantage

    Find relevant information faster with AI-enhanced search, analytics and machine learning for faster client response, case strategy and production.

  • Improve operations and team productivity

    Enhance efficiency with platform integrations, automation and analytics to reduce time searching and reviewing critical legal documents.

  • Mitigate risks and stay compliant

    Automatically identify, protect and redact sensitive data at every stage with built-in features and workflow best-practices.

  • Leverage data insights for faster decisions

    Gain realtime insight into key performance indicators, such as vendor and outside counsel spend, matter status and more, with business intelligence.

  • Get expert support when its needed

    Leverage OpenText™ Professional Services fully or to fill in gaps, from collections to review workflow, managed review, investigations and integrations.

OpenText Discovery Suite products

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