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OpenText end-to-end eDiscovery

Streamline end-to-end eDiscovery with AI, analytics and automation

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OpenText end-to-end eDiscovery overview

OpenText end-to-end eDiscovery software and solutions deliver a strategic advantage, lowering the risks and costs at all stages of the EDRM workflow, from identification, preservation and collection to review, analysis and production.

What is end-to-end eDiscovery?

End-to-end eDiscovery platforms help enterprises and their counsel preserve, collect, analyze, classify, review and produce electronically stored information (ESI) across the entire EDRM. Integrated eDiscovery products and services delivered by a single provider ensure accountability and eliminate the risks and inefficiencies associated with multiple vendors and point solutions.

The best end-to-end eDiscovery platforms apply AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, automation and integration throughout the workflow, reducing data volumes and costs, speeding legal review and delivering optimal outcomes.

What's new in end-to-end eDiscovery

  • Proportionate TAR workflows to meet objectives

  • Predictive coding functionality available
    on the fly

  • Differentiated text mining

    Automatic entity identification with Magellan

  • Enhanced usability with modern UI

Learn more about the new Discovery features in the launch blog

OpenText end-to-end eDiscovery features

  • AI and machine learning

    Defensibly decreases review costs by up to 80% over traditional review methods using technology-assisted review (TAR) with proprietary algorithms and continuous active learning

  • Advanced analytics

    Increases speed, precision and accuracy of review through flexible and intuitive analytic tools, such as concept search, phrase, entity and sentiment analysis and predictive filtering.

  • Automated eDiscovery tools

    Automates legal hold, preservation, collection, data processing and loading, review workflows, redactions, productions and more to improve efficiency, speed access to relevant information and slash the total cost of discovery.

  • Integration

    Integrates products and connects with enterprise systems and cloud applications to facilitate legal hold, collection and preservation through data investigation and analysis, review and production.

  • Multi-language

    Identifies, searches, translates and reviews documents in more than 270 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

  • Business intelligence

    Tracks metrics in individual cases or across an entire litigation portfolio, from collection through productions, with realtime budget and progress insights to drive efficiency and cost-savings.

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OpenText end-to-end eDiscovery benefits

  • Efficiently manage end-to-end eDiscovery

    Eliminate inefficiencies and unnecessary costs with end-to-end technology products spanning the entire EDRM.

  • Lower the total cost of review (TCR)

    Harness the power of advanced technology, including technology-assisted review, and services to lower review costs by up to 80 percent.

  • Protect and secure sensitive documents

    Protect privileged and confidential information with automated redaction, enhanced QC, specialized workflows and multi-layered security.

  • Gain the strategic advantage

    Get earlier insights into your data across the EDRM for case strategy, faster review and rapid time to production.

  • Make better decisions

    Leverage data driven insights for faster, informed decisions using key performance indicators with cross-matter business intelligence.

  • Flexibly deploy and get burst capacity

    Choose from services and hosting options, including cloud, on-premises, hybrid, air-gapped mobile solutions, managed or professional services to get the support and capacity you need.

OpenText™ eDiscovery products

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